Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) can supplement your IT staff with our professional Systems Administration services. Our skilled Technician can work with your company in various short-term or long-term intervals. You would have direct access to a team of Certified technicians on our staff.


Highly-Trained Certified Technicians


ANCS provides scheduled on-site preventive IT maintenance services and IT management programs designed specifically for our network clients. These scheduled meetings are a great opportunity for both parties to discuss their overall state and health of the systems that we support.


Along with all the benefits of the preventive (or proactive) maintenance IT service, an experienced ANCS technician is also assigned to your account and is available for scheduled on-site IT support. We provide this type of hands-on support via a mutually agreed upon schedule with your organization. Every organization’s issues and challenges are unique, so we work with each of our clients to provide the exact level of IT support they need.


Advanced workers at computers

SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION SERVICES: Server Administration, Print Queues, Active Directory, IP Reservations, Backup Administration, File Restores, Server Install, Email Administration, Malware/Virus Removal, Web/Spam Filters, Whitelisting, Group Policies, Applications

Advanced workers working on PC


Scheduled or Emergency Visits – Our Fast, On-Site IT Support at Your Location


Where can you turn when you need On-Site IT Support for your Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Workstations?  Since 2001, Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) has been helping our clients in the Evansville / Tri-State region solve their most difficult on-site Computer Repair service challenges.


Whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled visit, our certified support team of highly-qualified technicians and engineers have the knowledge and skill set to fully support your company’s network needs.


Contact us today!  We are here to deliver the on-site IT support assistance your business may need.


Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) Computer & IT Support services gives you the freedom to call the Help Desk as much as needed during normal hours. It also allows us to provide a better all-around service to you, the client. For all support issues and questions, ANCS’ Help Desk is the first point of contact. This is a remote service offered by ANCS.


Remote support is provided by our highly-qualified team of

Certified technicians.


ANCS’ Help Desk is a local (Evansville-based) information and assistance resource that helps our clients troubleshoot problems with computers and applications. ANCS provides Help Desk support to our customers via our direct office number, through our website and/or via through the Client Portal. Help Desk has several functions. It provides our clients a central point to receive help on various computer issues. If the issue needs to be escalated, it will elevate to a second level for prompt resolution.


Many of our clients have begun to recognize the real value of our Help Desk because of our proactive response to user issues. Help Desk’s unique ability to communicate daily with numerous clients allows us to closely monitor the user environment for issues and technical problems to the client’s satisfaction.


Remote Troubleshooting

& Solutions

Available Monday - Friday

7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

Support for

Mobile Users

Knowledgeable, Personal & Friendly Team

HELP DESK SERVICES: File Restores, PC Builds, Hardware Troubleshooting, Software Troubleshooting, P.O.S. Systems, Upgrades, Imaging PCs, Mass Deployments, Printer/Fax/Scanner Troubleshooting, Knowledgeable Assistance, VOIP Setup


Our certified and highly experienced staff has the knowledge to help your company move to a virtualized environment, reduce your costs, and operate efficiently.  Our expertise and complete solution approach will make the process smooth and seamless.


 Virtualization can save your company up to 50% in IT costs, improve disaster recovery strategies, reduce the number of physical servers for efficiency, reduce power and cooling costs and minimize downtime for hardware maintenance.


Backups are an important part of any disaster plan.  From on-site backup solutions to Cloud-based backup solutions, Advanced has many different backup solutions to offer and has the experience to help you recover from disaster.


Advanced worker working on server rack

Choosing the right server for your business can be a time consuming task. What operating system do you use? Which system has the ease-of-use and security you demand and trust with the applications you need to keep your business productive and connected? Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) can help you answer all these questions and more.


Companies that ANCS has assisted with server management have used this method to initiate their presence before they have found space to call their own. Once we have worked with the client to find and build out the optimal new location, we take care of the server relocation for them.


24/7 Server Monitoring


ANCS is also responsible for monitoring your server’s hardware and software every minute of every day. We apply policies to each of your servers that continuously monitor for resource utilization and uptime. Whenever a critical service stops or the server fails to report in, the team verifies the issue and immediately assigns it to one of our certified engineers for resolution.


With a dedicated team of Certified support staff, we provide prompt, personalized customer service and a unique hands-on approach to server solutions. Whatever your server needs are let ANCS help you make the right decision.


SERVER SUPPORT SERVICES: Server Upgrades & Custom Builds, Policy Creation (Group Policy for AD/Data Storage, Backup, Retention/Email Storage & Retention), Email Filtering, Design, Plan & Implement Virtualized Infrastructure including VMWare & Hyper-V, Monitoring Maintenance, Physical & Virtual Resource Upgrades, Storage (DAS, NAS, SAN/Multi-Protocol Configurations for iSCSI, FC, FCOE, CIFS, NFS)



Backups are an important part of any disaster plan.  From on-site backup solutions to Cloud-based backup solutions, Advanced has many different backup solutions to offer and has the experience to help you recover from disaster.

Folder in safe
Advanced worker sorting emai in file cabinet


Most all of us uses emails in our daily business activities, whether it’s communicating with our colleagues or clients. But sensitive information in emails are not as secure as you might think. It is easy to delete an email, but hard enough to recover after a certain period of time, even with a backup in place. Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) offers email server management.


Email Scanning and Continuity


Our content filtering ensures that unwanted emails are blocked from distracting you from important information you actually need to see and use.


EMAIL SUPPORT SERVICES: Email Server Management for Business, Spam Filtering, Office 365 Management & Migration








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