When you partner with Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) as your managed services team, you have a fully staffed IT department at your disposal with over 24 years of technology experience behind them. Filled with some of the brightest minds in the industry, our expertise works to your advantage. We handle all proactive maintenance that needs to occur regularly but often gets pushed to the back burner. Our processes and automation ensure the highest performance from your technology investment.


The Benefits of Using Managed Services for Your Business


Our Managed solutions combine people, process and technology to provide your organization with:


  • A dedicated and highly-qualified team of experts to manage, track and repair any IT challenge
  • Proactive IT strategy and roadmap development to support your business goals
  • Proven tools and implementation of industry best practices to ensure high performance availability and reliability
  • A stable, secure and adaptable infrastructure with a reduced frequency of preventable IT failures
  • Cost-effective, flexible support options right-sized to fit your IT needs
  • Predictable, fixed fee pricing that fits your budget
  • Complementary team of experts for a fraction of the cost of internal IT


 A key step in any business partnership is the definition of roles and responsibilities and a framework for delivering IT support to you. Components of the framework include the definition of processes and procedures including Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify. With a defined structure in place, proper training, and a tool to manage the process, ANCS successfully helps to manage and co-pilot many IT environments with its clients.


Our Managed Services increases efficiency and free up time so you and your internal resources can focus on the core business, strategic goals, and ultimately your success.


Included in the Managed Services offering are regular business reviews that evaluate trend analysis and an opportunity for both parties to review system reports and discuss the overall state and health of the systems that we support.


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With our remote monitoring capabilities, we pro-actively monitor your systems to identify potential issues before they become problems.  In the event that we identify a potential issue, we will resolve the issue before it becomes a problem for your company.

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As a full service Information Technology provider, Advanced Network & Computer Services (ANCS) provides exceptional IT resources to deploy system-wide hardware configurations and mass hardware deployment services for your company’s IT needs. ANCS has built a solid reputation as being one of the area’s highest-quality, most accurate, and most technologically advanced IT providers in the Evansville / Tri-State region.  Our certified support team of highly-qualified technicians and engineers has the knowledge and resources to fully support your company’s IT and network needs to deploy tens, hundreds or thousands of computers or network devices. That means your in-house IT staff can focus on their core responsibilities or other business priorities.


Establishing an efficient IT life cycle helps maximize the value of your network resources (servers, PCs, network equipment, business phones, mobile devices….) while reducing your total liability costs. Our clients that have utilized this service have seen a reduction in their long-term capital spending and they immediately began noticing an improvement to their network security defenses. They also have an enhanced, quality and speed of desktop administration.


When it comes to information technology projects, companies often struggle to find the balance between scope, cost, and schedule.  We believe in a "measure twice, cut once" mentality, where appropriate levels of analysis and planning can help a project be successful, as well as mitigate problems later in the project development life cycle.


We run complex software implementation projects from design and development to production.  Deadlines and budgets are important, so executing and finalizing projects according to those deadlines and within the allocated budget is always our goal.  We offer guidance and coordinate the efforts of our clients and third-party software vendors in order to deliver projects according to the plan.  We can also perform evaluation and testing.


From planning, scheduling, and controlling information technology projects, to managing the critical interface between users and vendors, our project managers are adept at making sure projects are completed successfully.

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